“Feeding without MmmooOgle? I can’t think of it!”

Elien Ceustermans, dairy farmer. Elien runs a 400 cow dairy with her dad in Lommel, Belgium. About six months ago she started to work with MmmooOgle FeedNow!When feeding her cows, Elien prepares everything on her tablet and sends all feeding instructions on to the feeders. This dairy operation uses a Keenan mixer wagon.   “As […]

Feeding dairy cows: more than just using a clever ration…

Loading mixer wagon with loader

There is a growing pile of evidence that the ration formulated on paper is hardly ever the same as the one fed to dairy cows. In fact, farmers not taking the right precautions appear to miss out on a lot of income. For the average 200 cow dairy farmer the missed opportunity may be as […]