For Who?

Dairy farmers

At MmmooOgle we are passionate about performance. No wonder, farmers running on MmmooOgle save time and take better decisions, for three simple reasons: farmers will have all information in one place, MmmooOgle tools are practical, simple and reliable, and last but not least farmers running on MmmooOgle are in full control of their data. Go to the ‘Why MmmooOgle’ page to learn more.


Working with MmmooOgle means being prepared when visiting a dairy farmer. MmmooOgle will allow you to develop lists of dairy cows that need your professional attention.

Feed Companies

Let MmmooOgle help you help the dairy farmer. Look at real time feeding data, both forage and concentrates, and identify opportunities for improvement. And above all, monitor the impact of your feed products by keeping an eye on the milk output. Look at MmmooOgle FeedNow! for more information.

Hoof Trimmers

Working with MmmooOgle Accu-trim is connecting with Karl Burgi, a world authority on claw health. Reliable data entry allows you to see hoof health trends and opportunities. Interested to measure the impact of your claw health programs on milk production? Start at the MmmooOgle Accu-trim page.

AI Companies

Finally you will be able to objectively measure the trends of various key phenotypic traits and look at correlations with the genotypic potentials. Connect the dots and help the farmer reach the full potential of your genetic lines.

Animal Health Companies

Always wanted to deliver your dairy solutions along with value added services? Equip your technical and key account teams with data-driven insights and help the dairy farmer keep his herd healthy and productive.