Elien Ceustermans, dairy farmer.

Elien runs a 400 cow dairy with her dad in Lommel, Belgium.
About six months ago she started to work with MmmooOgle FeedNow!
When feeding her cows, Elien prepares everything on her tablet and sends all feeding instructions on to the feeders. This dairy operation uses a Keenan mixer wagon.  

“As you feed dairy cows you need to take into account that a number of things will change, every single day. A new truck load of brewers grain gets delivered or several cows were dried off this morning. With MmmooOgle FeedNow! I can respond immediately and therefore nothing can go wrong, really.”

Elien used to manage the feeding process by relying on a self-made Excel file. When everything was properly entered there she then printed the feeding instructions and handed a sheet of paper to the feeders. Much more cumbersome and therefore things weren’t always done as it should be.

“But additionally there was no way of looking back at what precisely we had fed the previous day. Now I can see  all this right away. And the communication with the personnel is just perfect. All data remain available for future discussions or reviews. It works beautifully”.

During the conversation it becomes clear why Elien became addicted to MmmooOgle FeedNow!
“The biggest benefit is that you can react instantaneously. By doing so you work faster and more precisely as well. That way the operation becomes more efficient and profitable.
Feeding without MmmooOgle? I can’t think of it!”.