Melkveebedrijf, Nr 10, November 2021

Lourens Gengler (Melkveebedrijf) went to interview Arjan Verkuijlen, dairy farmer in Mussel, the Netherlands. Arjan has been using MmmooOgle FeedNow! for about a year now. Here are some key highlights and quotes from this November article:
“I now have a better understanding of the quantities fed. We feed more consistently, the urea content has become a straight line and when I look at my feeding costs, I got my investment back after one month. But my greatest pleasure is the ease of use!” (Verkuijlen)

Two more salient quotes from this article:

“It is our deep rooted philosophy that the dairy farmer remains owner of the data at all times. Only the farmer decides who will get access to what part of the data and for how long” (Van Ranst)

“Adjusting the daily ration has never been this easy. And those farmers who select to do so can start looking at their real time feeding costs and feeding margin” (Neyens)  

Lourens asked more questions about data ownership, farming conditions in the Netherlands versus Canada and the value of MmmooOgle in practice. Full article available from “Melkveebedrijf” (10), November 2021.