Progeo (Reggio Emilia) and the University of Bologna install MmmooOgle

Dr Ludovica Mammi works in Bologna at the department of veterinary medical sciences of Prof. Formigioni. She explains: “At our research farm, we basically have three separate data silo’s: robot data, herd management data and sensor data. MmmooOgle brings all these data together in the cloud and organizes everything into one single integrated dataset. For a researcher like me this is amazing!”.
Additionally, the research farm chose to install a MmmooOgle TMR-box on their mixer wagon and now runs on MmmooOgle FeedNow!. “This tool allows us to compile all feeding data and ultimately calculate production efficiency. I love it” Dr Mammi smiles… 

While in Emilia Romagna, MmmooOgle additionally was invited to equip a couple of large dairies, members of the cooperative with the FeedNow! technology. “There are many progressive dairy farms in this region. At PROGREO we are committed to supporting our dairy farmers. MmmooOgle FeedNow! is a novel technology that allows the dairy farmers to finetune their feeding practices. Having real time feeding data and being able to look at Income over Feed Cost is fundamental” says Dr Fausto Toni, head of Technical and R&D.