Why MmmooOgle

At MmmooOgle we are passionate about performance. Your performance: dairy farmers running on MmmooOgle save time and take smarter decisions. Because MmmooOgle offers a 360° reality check of the dairy operation. Near real time! Finally you get to see your own financials and metrics such as DMI (Dry Matter Intake), IOFC (Income over Feed Cost) and milk productivity. Continuously. 

And we all know: what gets measured, gets done. 

In short, here are three reasons why dairy farmers like MmmooOgle:


All information in one place.

If you think about it, farm information is scattered all over the place. To take the best decision possible you are constantly going back and forth between programs, emails, computers, consultants and office papers. Wouldn’t it be great to have all that information in just one place? One single screen giving you access to exactly that information you need to know, there and then. That’s MmmooOgle.

consulting dairy data using tablet cow-side
Holstein Friesian dairy cows in field

Practical, simple and reliable.

Finally here is a system developed from the viewpoint of a dairy farmer. We live your life and understand what you need. No more time wasted running back and forth. No more money wasted guessing. No complicated charts that don’t do anything for you. MmmooOgle simply works and shows what you want. Wherever you are. 
Holstein Friesian dairy cows in field

YOU decide!

Always remember: all data generated on your farm is YOUR data. No approvals needed, from anyone! MmmooOgle puts you back in full control. You decide what you want to see, where and how. So, enjoy running your own business without asking for permission.
With MmmooOgle.
Dairy farmer in field amongst dairy cows