Interview with Karl Burgi, global opinion leader on claw health

Karl Burgi giving workshop hoof health to dairy farmers and claw trimmers

Why do you recommend Accu-trim?  Karl Burgi: “Dairy farms are very complex operations. For management and decision making it is imperative to have good information at our fingertips. When it comes to hoof health Accu-trim collects the right data and through the MmmooOgle platform I can look at the success of the hoof trimming program as […]

Welcome to this very first MmmooOgle blog!

feeding corn silage to dairy cows

This brand new website marks the beginning of a new phase for us. So far we have worked very hard to develop the various MmmooOgle products. Additionally, we have worked together behind the scenes with a number of large players such as feed companies or pharmaceutical companies. While that work continues, as of now we […]