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MmmooOgle App

Are you tired of having all your data on different places? MmmooOgle brings all data together on your smartphone, at cowside. (And even gives you the opportunity to collect new valuable data) : COWS Are you tired of getting impersonal advice from your consultants? With MmmooOgle you can share all the data you want with your consultants, so you will get a realtime advice and stay closely in touch with them. COMMUNICATION Let's talk the same language, let's MmmooOgle! Are you tired to loose yourself in daily workload? MmmooOgle helps you to control and organize all the tasks that needs to be done by you or your personnel : COMPLIANCE Time for change, time to MmmooOgle.
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As in other sectors, Veterinary Medicine is evolving quickly in the 21th century due to new Precision Livestock Farming (PLF) technologies. At Bovicom, dairy researchers and veterinarians are trying to adapt to the wide range of new technologies. The amount of data created on a dairy farm exponentially grew over the last decade to 100 MegaBytes each day (milk meters, accelerometers and vaginal or ruminal temperature loggers). However, trying to integrate the widespread data streams from PLF technologies is tempting. MmmooOgle covers the idea to have develop a smartphone application for veterinarians, farmers and other consultants, whereby the data from a newly build data warehouse (named Dairy Data Warehouse or DDW) would be used. Besides the data already available in DDW through conversions, additional information can be added to the DDW platform with the input features of the app. The app will be tightly coupled to the DDW platform as the data access and storage is based on the DDW database. Typical features that will allow the user to add data to the platform are the entry of pregnancy diagnoses, mastitis events & treatments, body weight & other clinical parameters, genital & other clinical examination, pictures, etc. This information is then stored in the DDW platform and available for applications inside the DDW platform. Additionally, the app can be used to display data and reports available via HerdNet. As the MmmooOgle is built on
top of DDW, it is not a competing system. Usage of the app will even stimulate farmers to work more close with their consultant, stimulate these consultants to work more close with DDW and convince them to purchase more of its features (f.i. datamarts). The ultimate goal of the application is to facilitate communication in the 21th century between farmers, veterinarians and the animals. Time for change, time to MmmooOgle.

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MilkBot® is a project to develop technology to quantify both magnitude and shape of lactation curves in a consistent and repeatable way. It is based on the simple observation that lactation curves vary, no doubt influenced by genetics, environment, and health, and tools for characterizing that variation are likely to be useful in understanding many problems in dairy herd management and dairy research.